Saturday, August 13, 2011

Saturday Show Preview

So, I am back from the show. I only made progress on two of my five goals, but I consider it a success nonetheless. So, what did I bring back with me:

  1. 22 cards for my 1977 set, including some of the bigger names. Roger Neufeldt managed to leave his 1977s back at the warehouse, so he is going to bring them to the show tomorrow (Sunday). So, I am going to go back tomorrow for those

  2. For around $32, I got 7 cards from 1955 and 1956, including 3 Hall-of-Famers

  3. For $5 I got a 1973 card of Hall-of-Famer.

  4. A couple of interesting cards from the dollar box, one of which is going to be added to an upcoming trade as a little bonus

So, I'll probably get around to scanning some of these later in the weekend and line up some posts for next week.

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