Thursday, August 18, 2011

Card Show Haul -1977 HOFers

I have to admit a case of writer's block. I am just not sure what to say about these cards, other than I had a fair number of Hall of Fame inductees on my want list prior to the weekend show. I knocked more than a few off.

At this point, I only need 20 cards to finish my 1977 set. I intend to knock them off in September over at COMC. This will be my third complete set, having previously completed 1974 and 1978. What set am I am going to work on next? I have a pretty good idea, but don't want to say anything until I know whether I made a great deal or another rookie mistake.


  1. uh-oh..........I hope it was a great deal, Jeff!

    Really been enjoying your recent posts on successful hauls from the shows. Your collecting priorities seem to mirror what I am trending towards (old topps set building) so it's very inspiring. I have my eye on a few starter sets on the Bay of E - we'll see if we can land a decent one and get started on the completion path!

  2. I've been toying with the idea of writing up how I go about building sets, as my approach has been refined over the three sets I've worked on. I've already got two posts scheduled and two more that I plan to get done tonight. I've got alot on my honey do list this weekend, but may try to squeeze that in.