Sunday, December 11, 2016

Fleer Autograph Project - Part 59

Generally speaking, things have been quiet on the hobby front, what with previously lamented major expenditures and the holidays nigh upon us.  So, in order to stay active, but not break the bank, I have started working on 1970 Topps baseball. I've gotten most card numbers under 339 fairly cheaply. I've done this since I am essentially down to the expensive star cards and high numbers for my 1972 set (203 cards left, 163 of which are semi-high and high numbers).

Otherwise, not much new. Except this:

This is the 59th autographed 1963 Fleer card I have, out of 66 in the set.  I nabbed this when I woke up in the middle of the night and did a quick run through of my Ebay saved searches as I was trying to get back to sleep. This had just been posted as a Buy-It-Now or Best Offer. I submitted an offer and, surprisingly, received a counter within 5 minutes. Imagine that, buyer and seller up at 3 AM!  I accepted the offer and now it is mine.  Only 7 left to go to complete this autograph quest:

5 - Willie Mays
23 - Vic Power
34 - Vada Pinson
38 - Dick Farrell
56 - Roberto Clemente
60 - Ken Boyer
62 - Gene Oliver

Anyways, that is about for new stuff around here. I am cleaning up all my extra cards and doubles and may be selling them off.  I may list them here to see if anyone is interested before I go the EBay route.  Stay tuned!

What I am listening to: Dominick the Donkey by Lou Monte