Thursday, October 27, 2016

Fleer Autograph Project - Part 58

So, there is a card show this weekend and I am not going.  With a vacation earlier this month,  I was a little light on funds. Then this happened:

The pothole from hell basically destroyed two of my cars rims.  Replacement rims were around $900 EACH.


This isn't some fancy car like a BMW. It is a Ford Fusion.  So, I ended up getting a full set of aftermarket rims for the same price as one factory rim. Add in two new tires as well, and my pocket is $1400 lighter. No show for me this month.  And probably not the next one in December either.

I did manage to "find" $50 for a couple of pickups:

This is the 58th autographed 1963 Fleer card in my collection (out of 66 cards in the set.) Bob Purkey died in 2008, so I snagged this from Mickey's Cards as soon as I saw it. The condition is a bit rough, but it was only $20 delivered.  I can always upgrade later.

My second pickup was inspired by a recent post at Night Owl Cards. This post.

I had previously busted a box of 1994 Ted Williams, a set I quite like. In fact, I am only three cards short of a complete set, including inserts.  After seeing NOs post, I decided to look at whether or not the 1993 boxes were available and affordable.  The answer to both questions was yes.  So, for $25 delivered, the above box is mine.

I haven't opened it yet.  Next weekend, my wife is off to a horse show in Texas.  I'll probably take that opportunity to grill up a steak, chill some of my favorite beer, and bust the box. Stay tuned.

What I am listening to:  Exodus of Venus by Elizabeth Cook