Sunday, August 21, 2011

Card Show Haul - A New Beginning

As I wandered around a last time before heading home, I stopped at one dealer's table and he had some vintage cards out that he had just gotten in. I decided to look through them in search of more cheap 1956's. I managed to find a few, but also found some 1952 1953's that were a few bucks each. So, now I own three cards from the first full Topps set.

This Antonelli card is stained, but since he and I share a hometown, it doesn't really bother me.

That Indians logo is something else, isn't it? Not that the current logo is that much more politically correct.

My wife is from Ohio. On one of my solo trips back that way, I stopped at a sporting goods store and bought her a Indians hat, with Chief Wahoo logo on it. She rarely wore it. In contrast, I live in ball caps and tend to go through ten or more hats a year working on our farm.

So, at one point, when my stock of hats ran low, I picked up the Indians hat to wear when heading into town for some reason or another. Now, Oklahoma has a fairly sizeable Native American population. I got a few dirty looks while wearing that hat, and, upon my arrival home, relegated it to the "wear only at home" pile. True story.

Boring, but true.


  1. Cleveland is gradually breaking away from the Wahoo logo. The newer one is not near as bad as the old ones, but in today's world it could be done a lot better.

  2. i hate to tell you this, but those are actually 1953's... topps' 2nd full set. it's still a nice grab though!

  3. Doh! I should have known that. While I am not at the point I instantly recognize each Topps series earlier than 1970, I do know what the 52s look like. Or, perhaps I should say, I should know what the 52s look like.

    Thanks for pointing that out.

  4. Jeff,

    A good place to start on getting to know the early Topps sets is on my own website, which shows every Topps issue through 1961 (and more, if I ever get off my butt and write them):

    Just scroll down to the list of sets, the 1950s Topps sets are all together.