Friday, August 19, 2011

I Think I May Have a Problem

After returning to the show on Sunday to look through a box of cards that a seller had forgotten to bring the day before, I wandered the floor looking for bargains to consume more of the money that remained in my pocket. I spent a little time at one table where the guy was making deals. As I was looking through his vintage I noticed a lonely stack of cards that I thought my wife might like, so I asked how much he wanted for them. When he responded "5 dollars", I handed over a Lincoln.

Now, I know what you are thinking. This is one of the hallmarks of addiction. Justifying your behavior by blaming someone else. That may be true, but not in this case. I swear. No seriously, these are for my wife. Honest.

My wife is a huge Star Wars fan. Not, huge as in collecting all the merchandise, but huge as in she was one of those kids that saw the movie multiple times when it first came out in 1977. Me? Not so much. It was probably over a year after it was released before I finally saw it.

So, when I saw these cards I had to get them for her. She seemed to like them, so yesterday, I put them into Ultra-Pro sheets and a binder. Of course, as I sorted through them, I had the typical Topps experience: nothing even remotely close to a complete series and plenty of duplicates. Yay!

Now I guess I am going to have to start searching around for more of these cards, so I can complete the set for her. No, really, for her.

What? You don't believe me?


  1. The Tusken Raider Star Wars card (Series 2) was the last remaining Star Wars card I owned, lasting all the way to adulthood. I had many of the blue (Series 1) and red ones, as well as some of the yellow, green and orange. But I have no idea where they went.

    Like you, I was done with Star Wars after one viewing.

  2. The yellow-bordered Star Wars cards (3rd series) were the first cards of any type I ever owned. They are partly responsible for dragging me into this hobby at an impressionable age.

    I completed the base set years ago and will be glad to let you know about any of the minutiae involved.

    I may have a couple of dupes as well.

  3. Chris, I think I may have a card or two from your want list. I'll be in touch.

  4. Great! I picked up a nice stack of 1970s material for my dupes box at the National this I can get some more 1977 cards sent your way to accompany the Star Wars cards as well.

  5. good luck man.... those later series are tough to find.