Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Corn Chips and Cheese

Despite being off of work this week, I have been unbelievably busy this week. I've been doctoring a sick horse and volunteering at the horse show grounds around the corner from me, helping them get ready for their big show over Labor Day weekend. Not much time for posting, but I do need to acknowledge a package that arrived in the mail today from the estimable Nachos Grande.

I had a few Series 2 sparklies and some inserts he needed and he was able to cut my Series 2 want list from 14 cards down to 6. I am not going to show all 8 cards, but I did notice that there was a number of cards with pitchers making faces as they threw. So, I'll show them:

Thanks, Nacho. Since I am at the point that buying more packs of Series 2 cards only nets me more doubles, any trade that fills in slots in the binder is awesome.

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