Saturday, October 29, 2011

October Card Show Haul - 1956

This is the last post from the card show two weekends ago. One of my goals for the show was to pick up a few more affordable cards from 1956, which is my favorite Topps set. My definition of affordable is less than $5 for a card of that vintage. I find looking for these cards the most fun.

For the 1970s sets I have been putting together, I tend to be picky about quality. While I am generally not obsessive about centering as long as there is border all the way around and no remnants of adjoining cards, I do want to have nice sharp edges and corners and a blemish free front. With the 1956 cards, though, I just cannot afford (literally) to be that picky. I don't pick up any old card, mind you. I still look for a uncreased card and some border all the way, but I just don't spend alot of time examining the card and obsessing about it's quality. It is, for lack of a better word, a liberating experience.

So, I managed to pick up 8 1956 cards, bringing me to 36 total cards for the set.

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