Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fleer GOTG - Packs 10-12

I've gotta start knocking these posts off. There is a show coming up over the weekend and I'd like to get the decks somewhat clear. I've got two more of the GOTG posts to go to finish the box I bought. I've got a few new additions to my Paul Blair player collection and, just completed trades with Nachos Grande, and a fellow over at Blowout forums.

I am afraid these may not be all that interesting. I was reading over at Night Owl Cards the other day about how he was having problems coming up with a theme for a specific post. My first thought was: theme? These are supposed to have themes? I mean like a theme other than "here are some cards I bought/found/traded?" WTH? Why didn't someone tell me?

I guess that is the difference between a journalist and an engineer. Journalists tell stories. Engineers convey data. And here I thought I was a good writer because I knew that when a sentence ends in a quoted phrase, the terminal punctuation goes inside the quote. That and that whole "who, what, where, when, why, and how" stuff.

Pack 10

11-Carl Hubbell (Duplicate)

Hubbell is from Meeker, Oklahoma, which is about a 40 minute drive from my house. If I ever get started on my plan to photograph the Oklahoma hometowns of famous ballplayers, Meeker will probably be one of my first stops.

23-Vida Blue (Duplicate)
65-Cal Ripken, Jr. (Duplicate)
76-Jack Morris (Duplicate)
34GOT Willie McCovey The glory of Their Time (331/1969)

Pack 11

30-Paul Molitor (Duplicate)
60-Joe Rudi (Needed)
70-Johnny Podres (Duplicate) - I've already set this aside. You know who you are.
80-Rusty Staub (Needed)

La Grand Orange. I've always had a thing for redheads. Well, to be a little more specific, I've always had a thing for redheads of the female persuasion. Of which Rusty is not. Obviously. So, I apparently also am versed in the proper use of a non sequitur.

Too much information??

19GOT Nolan Ryan The Glory of Their Time (1269/1989)

Pack 12

2-Ty Cobb (Duplicate)
17-Thurman Munson (Needed)

I still remember where I was when I heard Thurman Munson had died. My family was on vacation up at the Thousand Islands. Every year, we rented a cottage up on Dingman Point, near Alexandria Bay for a week. Each morning my father would take me out fishing and my mother would drive into town to pick up the newspapers and walk around all the souvenir shops. While I don't remember specifically reading it in the paper, I do remember sitting out in front of the cottage, looking out over the river, in stunned silence.

39-Mike Schmidt (Duplicate)
52-Eddie Murray (Needed)

74-Bill Freehan (Duplicate)

Coming tomorrow: My third autograph, which continues the 1978 thread that has been running through this series of posts.


  1. I see why you like these cards. Very nice. And such a good written post.

  2. Stick with me, kid. You'll learn something.

    And thanks.

    (I'm half-hour away from A-Bay, as I'm sure you're aware).

  3. Seeing the Expos still makes me sad. Interesting set. I haven't seen those before.