Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fleer GOTG - Packs 13-15

Okay, last group of packs. I still like this set but, honestly, I am not feeling inspired about this post. I am trying to rush it out and you cannot rush great art.

Pack 13

13-Mel Ott (Duplicate)
28-Nolan Ryan (Duplicate)
35-Johnny Bench (Needed)

Born in Oklahoma City, but grew up in Binger and attended high school Anadarko. I've already got a few pictures from Anadarko, but they were only taken quickly as I passed through on my way back from the Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge. If I ever do my photo series, I'll need to go back.

40-Tony Perez (Needed)
49-Moose Skowron (Duplicate)

Pack 14

14-Bill Dickey (Duplicate)
26-Al Kaline (Duplicate)
34-Alan Trammell (Duplicate)
63-Whitey Ford (Duplicate)

GBA-RG Ron Guidry Auto

In this box, I got a Thurman Munson and a Munson/Guidry Battery Mates card. It is only appropriate that I got a Ron Guidry auto card to really put an exclamation point on the 1978 theme for me.

Pack 15

10-Charlie Gehringer (Duplicate)
22-Don Mattingly (Duplicate)
31-Dwight Evans Blue (412/500)

48-Tony Gwynn (Duplicate)
69-Ted Kluszewski (Duplicate)

Is it is just me, but the combination of the sleeveless top and the striped socks makes Big Klu here look like a circus strongman?

Okay, that's a wrap. With the base set done, I will probably only work on the inserts in this set slowly over time. I may not have much of a choice, since they don't appear to be all that common on EBay.

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