Monday, February 13, 2012

OBAK - Packs 17 to 20

And we are now at the last set of four packs in the box.

Pack 17

7 - Desmond Jennings
9 - Tyler Matzek
38 - Eddie Plank T212 Mini
74 - Rube Foster

Founder of the Chicago American Giants and the Negro National League.

83 - Fredrick Miller
97 - Alex Liddi and Lou Polli

Lou Polli, born in Baven, Italy, was mostly a career minor leaguer, with 21 years of service, but also appeared in a total of 24 major league games spread over two seasons (1932 and 1944). Alex Liddi, born in San Remo, is still a youngster of 22. He made 44 plate appearances last year for the Seattle Mariners, hitting only .225, but slugging .525. Should be one to watch.

Pack 18
3 - Starlin Castro T212 Mini
17 - Roger Clemens
20 - Dale Murphy
32 - Bob Horner

40 - Johnny Bench

109 - Sherry Magie

With the exception of my 1974 set, I have mainly swore off variation cards. This one, however, I did not. In the original T212 OBAK set, there was an error card with Sherry Magee's last name spelled as Magie, as seen here. Tristar repeated the same variation in this set. I have both (see below for the other version) and will keep them. All other variations in this set, I am not going to bother with.

Pack 19
5 - Kyle Drabek
8 - Jason Kipnis

Jason made his MLB debut last year with the Indians, hitting .272 and slugging .507 across 150 plate appearances.

39 - Todd McFarlane T212 Mini
104 - Kyle Rote, Sr.
107 - Col. John Stevens III

A22 - Jeff Kobernus Auto (032/125)

This guy is still in the prospect phase of his career, competing in the A+ Carolina League last year. From his minor league stats, he appears to have a decent batting average, little power but speed on the base paths. His relative number of strikeouts and walks, though, indicate he needs to work on his plate discipline, though, before he moves too much further up the chain.

On a separate note, this was my fifth autograph in the box.

Pack 20
16 - Donavan Tate
28 - Fred Toney
38 - Eddie Plank T212 Mini Black Back (45/50)
44 - Jason Heyward
94 - John Montgomery Ward
109 - Sherry Magee

The other Magee variant.

So, we are at the end of the line of this box of 2010 Tristar OBAK. I can't lay my hands on my tally sheet of how I did against the promised hits. I do recall that I only got 1 of the 3 promised short prints, but got 5 autos instead of the promised 4. If memory serves, I also got an extra serial numbered parallel, but I am not going to bother going back to re-tally. Overall, I like this set and will definitely buy another box in the future, in the hopes of finishing the base set.


  1. I didn't realize Kipnis was in there ! Don't have any dupes of him do you !? Now that you are done we will have to compare lists again !

  2. Oh, I am only done with the box. I am not done with the set yet. I'll probably get a second box later this year.