Monday, February 6, 2012

2010 OBAK - Packs 1 to 4

So, here we go. I'll follow the convention of listing the cards, showing my two favorites from the pack, and perhaps offer a little random commentary.

Pack 1

19 - Hank Greenberg

I like how they put the subject's image on a totally different background. Quirky, to be sure. But appealing, at least to me.

21 - Cal Ripken, Jr.
25 - Eddie Cicotte T212 Mini
31 - David Clyde
41 - Jose Canseco

At least we know someone at Tristar has a sense of humor. Clean-wholesome? Jose Canseco? Okay, sure thing. Whatever you say.

55 - Toby Harrah

Pack 2
16 - Johnny Bench T212 Mini
76 - John Henry Heinz

Damn right, ketchup was a game changer! Especially if you are from Pennsylvania. My father was from Pennsylvania and he put ketchup on everything. Even scrambled eggs, baked beans, and macaroni and cheese. To this day, I still prefer ketchup to mustard on a hot dog.

82 - John McGraw

John McGraw just pointed a bony finger at me and said, 'Right Field.' I jumped up like I was sitting on a spring, grabbed my glove, and trotted out, hoping I wouldn't trip or do anything to attract attention to me.

85 - Alfred "A.J." Reach
93 - Maurice Van Robays
98 - Jim Bouton and Robert C.Nelson

Pack 3
5 - Desmond Jennings T212 Mini
9 - Tyler Matzek Green Parallel (10/25)
52 - Jim Abbott
63 - Eberhard Anheuser
66 - Jefferson Burdick

Old Baseball Cards has a nice set of essays on Burdick, the father of our hobby. They can be found here, here, and here. Well worth your time to read them.

73 - Andy Farkas

I wonder if he is related to Scott?

Pack 4

12 - Austin Romine

Romine has a long shot chance to break camp with the Yankees this year. He was mostly at AA last year, though he did make token appearances at AAA and got a September call up to the big club. My guess is that he'll start the year at AAA, with Frankie Cervelli beign the backup backstop at the start of the season. Cervelli has had a couple of concussions, one of which ended his season last year. I have to think he (and Russell Martin, for that matter) is just keeping a spot warm for Romine, who is expected to be the Yankee's starting catcher in the next few years.

23 - Jefferson Burdick T212 Mini
48 - Tom Paciorek
56 - Ed Kurpiel
59 - Wayne Terwilliger

Oldest man, at the time, to manage a professional team when he led the independent Fort Worth Cats to a Central Baseball League championship in 2005. I believe Jack McKeon was older when he took over the helm of the Florida Marlins for the last half of 2011.

67 - Ray Chapman

Coming up tomorrow: Something likely to get Baseball Dad drooling.


  1. I love this set. I'm in process of tracking down the base set.

  2. Would you consider parting with:

    25 - Eddie Cicotte T212 Mini

  3. Not at this time, Adam. I am trying to build the set, including the inserts. Auto's and parallels may be available, if they don't hold any personal interest, but base cards and insert series are part of what I put together. I will probably be getting another box in the near future and if I get a duplicate, though, it will be available.