Sunday, February 5, 2012

2010 OBAK Overview

As mentioned earlier, I won $50 in a contest at Net54baseball and decided to buy a box with it. I ended up settling on a box of 2010 Tristar OBAK. It is a quirky little set that seemed to appeal to me.

The box contains 20 packs with 6 cards each, 5 modern sized cards and 1 T212 mini. T212 is the designation of the original OBAK tobacco cards. The 120 card modern size base set is made up of a number of mini-series:

History in the Making - 16 cards
History's Great Players - 5 Cards
Heroes and Legends - 7 cards
#1 Overall Draft Picks - 6 cards
Minor League Best - 4 cards
Minor League Players of the Year - 13 cards
Can You Believe? - 9 cards
Game Changers - 38 cards
Future Stars - 2 cards
Multi-Sport - 5 cards
Pop Icons - 1 card
Historic Names - 3 cards
Short Prints - 11 cards

There is a 45 card T212 sized series and a 30 card T4 cabinet card series.

The box promises 11 hits:

4 autographs (numbered to 125 or less)
2 parallels (numbered to 50 or less)
1 T212 mini parallel (numbered to 50 or less)
3 short prints
1 T4 Cabinet card (numbered to 75 or less)

I'll keep track and see how I did in the end. But, let's start out with the cabinet card.

At one per box, I am guessing I'll never complete the whole 30 card series although I will keep an eye out for them. As you can see it is a pretty sharp card. With J-Hey on the front, and the first playing field used by Atlanta's predecessor team, the Boston Braves/Doves/Beaneaters/Red Stockings. My only complaint with this is that, despite being advertised as serial numbered, this card is not. A minor complaint to be sure. So, over the next few days, I'll be reviewing the packs in groups of 4. Stay tuned.


  1. I love OBAK ! I'm working on all three years.

  2. In that case, you are going to love a card I got in Pack 6.

    BTW, do have a want list for 2010? I have a few duplicates from the first box and will probably have plenty more when I get a second box.