Wednesday, February 8, 2012

2010 OBAK - Packs 5 to 8

Well, this set of packs was chock full of big hits. Let's not waste any time looking.

Pack 5

27 - Denny Mclain
28 - Rube Foster T212 Mini
37 - Joe Riggert
45 - Frank Howard
70 - George Eastman

Having grown up in a Kodak family and being an amateur photographer, this card is one of my favorite base cards. It is a shame that Kodak has fallen on hard times, but I am hoping they come out of bankruptcy a leaner and more successful company.

A80 - Wayne Terwilliger Auto (037/125)

Here is my first autograph card. It is a sticker auto, which I don't mind since it is still a sharp looking card. Ignore the shmutz on the bottom of the left border. My scanner really needs a good cleaning.

Pack 6
37 - Sherry Magee T212 Mini
90 - Ernest Thayer
96 - Louis Sockalexis
101 - Howard "Hopalong" Cassady

Cassady, the 1955 Heisman Award winner played 9 years in the NFL. He never played professional baseball but, as a friend of George Steinbrenner, he was a scout and minor league coach in the Yankees organization.

102 - Dave Debusschere
A33 - Carlos Santana Red Back Auto (2/5)

This is where Baseball Dad is possibly drooling. An extremely rare (number 2 of only 5 printed) Carlos Santana autograph. Actually, here is my one complaint about this set. The difference between the base cards and the various levels of serial numbered parallels and auto cards is the color of ink on the back and maybe the original OBAK tobacco slogan that is printed in large letters across the card back. That is it. It is a minor complaint, though.

Pack 7
35 - Charlie Ward T212 Mini
54 - Lou Bierbauer
65 - Morgan Bulkeley
86 - John Sherman
99 - Jason Heyward and Austin Jackson

Not much to say here. Austin Jackson was a highly touted Yankees prospect until he was traded, along with Phil Coke, to the Tigers for Curtis Granderson. I think the Yankees got the better part of that deal. Both Jackson and Granderson strike out a lot, but Austin doesn't compensate for that with any real power.

108 - Tinker, Evers, & Chance

Definitely nothing to add here. This is one of my favorite cards. I like how they superimposed the players pictures over the Wrigley field sign. Sometimes in this set, the choice of background image defies explanation. This one does not. Perfect.

Pack 8
41 - Jose Canseco
52 - Jim Abbott
58 - Walter "Wally" Pipp
63 - Eberhard Anheuser
69 - Jim Creighton

The card back reads:
Jim is cosidered the first professional ball player and superstar. He is said to have thrown the 1st fastball and completed the first triple play. In 1862, at the age of 21, it is believed that he was not put out at bat during the entire season. Sadly that season, from an unknown cause, he suddenly passed away.

MA9 - Ben McDonald T212 Mini Auto (07/10)

The third auto card in this group of 4 packs. I am only guaranteed 3, so the rest of this may end up being boring. We'll just have to see.


  1. I'd absolutely LOVE to trade for the Santana!

    1. Greg, I haven't decided yet what I want to do with that Santana card, but take a look at the Heritage want list up on the sidebar and let me know what you might be able to help with.

    2. I didn't bust a single pack of Heritage, but I should be able to make a BIG dent in your '76 Topps list. '76 Traded as well....

  2. You are quite right !! If you are willing to trade, and Greg doesn't come up with something, let me know !! I'm also interested in duplicates of any cards.

  3. These are cool cards. One thing, though, regarding the Tinkers-Evers-Chance. I don't think they played in Wrigley - it was built in 1914. All three had left the Cubs by 1913. Still a cool card, though.

    (Charlie - Lifetimetopps)