Saturday, February 11, 2012

OBAK - Packs 13 to 16

Pack 13
11 - Dale Murphy T212 Mini
19 - Hank Greenberg
25 - Paul Hines

Hines apparently was a (or the) player in 13 baseball firsts, including the first unassisted triple play (he was on defense), first at bat in a World Series, and the first player to ever wear sunglasses.

31 - David Clyde
47 - Ken Landreaux
70 - George Eastman Red Back (3/5)

I complained earlier that the serial numbered parallels were only differentiated from the base cards, by the color of the ink used on the back. It took me until now (pack 13!) to realize that the color of the logo and title on the front are also different. Not sure it changes my underlying point, but I do need to correct the record.

Pack 14
17 - Jose Canseco T212 Mini
29 - Ron Blomberg

First person ever to go to bat as a designated hitter.

43 - Ben Grieve
51 - Mel Stottlemyre
62 - Daniel Lucius "Doc" Adams
A81 - Charlie Ward Auto (098/125)

Charlie Ward is included because of his multi-sport credentials. He won the Heisman Award, was drafted by MLB, but ended up playing in the NBA. This is the fourth of the promised 4 autographs. I guess I am done for this box.

Pack 15
13 - Tony Sanchez

41 - Jason Heyward and Austin Jackson T212 Mini
94 - John Montgomery Ward
106 - Hulk Hogan
109 - Sherry Magee
112 - Johnny Evers Short Print

My first of three promised short prints. It is a variation of the Tinkers-Ever-Chance card shown earlier. Interestingly, as Charlie from Lifetimetopps points out, Wrigley Field didn't open until after Evers tenure with the Cubbies ended.

Pack 16
3 - Starlin Castro T212 Mini
3 - Chris Carter
11 - Jared Mitchell
15 - Drew Storen
23 - Lawrence "Crash" Davis

The real Crash Davis.

35 - Jay Clarke

Part of the Minor Leagues Best series. I just like the background image.

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