Thursday, September 29, 2011

Paper Products from a Paper Product

A short time back, I worked out a trade with Napkin Doon over at The Adventures of Napkin Doon. I sent him some Lineage Rangers and a set of 2009 Oklahoma Redhawks cards (at the time OKC was the AAA affiliate of the Rangers). In return, I got the vast majority of the remaining cards off my 2011 Series 2 want list.

With this trade, I am now down to needing one card to finish Series 2 (#385). If you have that to trade, let me know. I'll make it worth your while. I'd like to start Update with a clean slate.

But, wait! That's not all!

Nap has been gracious enough to help me out with what is going on a Cleve's weekly auction.. He has reviewed the selection and sent me pictures of what is available each week that might interest me. He even placed bids for me. It's been a blast and I have managed to pick up some more 1956 cards dirt cheap in the auction. I'll try to show some of them some time, but right now I got places to go and people to see.

So, thanks Nap!

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  1. No problem. I actually owe you a little more, but didn't want to continue keeping you waiting on something in return for the cards you sent...