Friday, September 16, 2011

Fleer Greats - Packs 13 - 15

Say, what happened to packs 10 through 12? Glad you asked. I saved them for last since the big hit was in that group and packs 13 to 15 were not as exciting. So, stick around for tomorrow and see my major score.

Pack 13

101 - Babe Herman
112 - Fernando Valenzuela
127 - Bill Mazeroski
136 - Rod Carew

When I first started following baseball, Carew was the dominant hitter in baseball. Indeed, I remember him flirting with .400 in 1977, when he ended up at .388. The only players ever to exceed that mark since was George Brett in 1980 (.390) and Tony Gwynn in 1994 (.394)

139 - Gary Carter

I include Carter mainly because he has been in the news of late. First, for his on going fight against cancer, and more recently blog clots. After watching Frankie Cervelli get concussed in a collision with Nick Markakis, I wonder how much his time a a catcher played into the brain tumors.

Pack 14

85 - Dave Kingman
94 - Johnny Pesky

Another baseball lifer. Even if he is part of Red Sox Nation, he is a man to be admired for his decades of service to the game.

97 - Enos Slaughter

I am always amazed when looking at a player's statistics to find they lost years to military service. Pesky, above lost three years and probably 600 hits, to service. Enos Slaughter similarly spent three years in the service during WWII and may very well have approached the magical 3000 hit career if he hadn't.

113 - Will Clark
133 - Rollie Fingers

Pack 15

83 - Willie McGee
86 - Luis Aparicio

In addition to knuckleball pitchers, I have a soft spot for defensive specialists. It may be because during the two years I played Little League baseball I couldn't hit a lick, but was decent defensively. It probably didn't help that I started at the Pony League level after six years of sucking at soccer.

99 - Robin Yount
121 - Reggie Jackson

I question the choice of showing Reggie as an Angel, since he was best as an A and a Yankee. I would have also looked for a photo that showed him in his backswing, like this one. But, it is still a fine card.

143 - Ozzie Smith

So, tomorrow is the big day, when I reveal my big hit in Pack 12.

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