Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fleer Greats - Packs 1 - 3 and the First Hit

As you may have already read, I opened all the packs despite my idea to only open 3 a day and spread the joy over 5 days. I managed to to stay on plan about 20 minutes. I blame the weather.

After the hottest summer on record (103 days over 90 degrees and at least half of those over 100), temperatures had moderated. Daily highs were in the mid 80s. It was positively autumn-like. Yesterday, however, the heat returned for a (hopefully) last visit. It hit 100F again, and I was procrastinated about going out and doing the evening feeding. So, I opened packs. That is my story and I'm sticking to it.

So, they are all ripped, I've scanned all the ones I am going to show this week, and have the skeletons of the five posts entered.

Pack 1

90 - Mark Fidrych
93 - Eddie Murray

It is a bit weird seeing Murray in an Indians uniform, but I suppose it could be worse. After having found Dave Kingman in the Yankees Classics set (He only played in 8 games in pinstripes), I have a hard time finding fault with Fleer for not showing him as an Oriole.

The first expensive card I bought was the 1978 Eddie Murray rookie card. I think it set me back about $15. I suppose that may seem pedestrian to some of you guys, but for me it was, and is still, alot to spend on one card.

105 - Jimmy Piersall
125 - Dwight Gooden
132 - Wade Boggs

Pack 2

103 - Willie Stargell

What is there to say about Pops? Great player and a great man who was taken too soon. I do have some recollection of watching the 1979 World Series, although the memories aren't as vivid as Game 6 of the 1978 championship. I can't help but think of Pops when I hear that gawd-awful Sister Sledge song "We Are Family."

118 - Richie Ashburn
123 - Hoyt Wilhelm

I am not sure why, but I have a soft spot for knuckleball pitchers and Wilhelm was one of the greatest.

141 - Bob Lemon
GBA-RK - Ray Knight Auto

As hits go, this isn't too bad. Knight was a solid player during his 13 year career. It doesn't get me all excited like the Willie Mays autograph card I got at the Diamond Giveaway site, but it is certainly better than the Kevin Maas auto card I pulled from the Yankees Classics box I opened earlier this summer.

Pack 3

107 - Joe Pepitone
110 - Steve Garvey
115 - Jim Bouton
135 - Billy Williams

Billy Williams was a great player stuck playing for the Chicago Cubs. You would have to wonder about what his legend would be if he ever had the chance to play in the post season during the prime of his career.

137 - Dom DiMaggio

Despite the fact that he looks like he is talking about how best to amortize the depreciate of capital assets, Dom was a good player during his career. He was, obviously, overshadowed by his older brother Joe. But, he also lost three seasons during the prime of his career due to service in the Navy during World War II.

So, there are the first three packs. Coming tomorrow: packs 4 through 6 and the most disappointing hit so far during my short collecting experience.

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