Saturday, September 17, 2011

Fleer Greats - Packs 10 - 12

So, I didn't sleep well last night and woke up with a crick in my neck, so I am struggling to write anything interesting here. Forgive me. Anyways, here we are at the last set of packs in my GOTG hobby box and the much ballyhoed hit:

Pack 10

109 - Jim Thorpe

Thorpe was born about an hour drive from here in Prague, Oklahoma. Prague is a small town originally settled by Czech immigrants and is known for it's annual Kolache Festival. Be warned: if you click that link you will be regaled with a cheesy version of the Chicken Dance. Prague is also home to the National Shrine of the Infant Jesus. I occasionally drive out to the Muskogee area and seeing the signs for the Shrine always makes of this:

111 - Ray Knight
117 - Steve Carlton
120 - Paul O'Neill
126 - Roger Maris (as a Cardinal)

Yeah, it is a little weird seeing him as a Cardinal, but that is where he ended his career, so I am not going to complain.

Pack 11

91 - Catfish Hunter
108 - Ryne Sandberg
118 - Richie Ashburn
129 - Robin Roberts

I got the auto version of this card earlier.

Forever Cardinals - Steve Carlton (1732/1965)

Pack 12

81 - Tony Lazzeri
95 - Tom Seaver

122 - Andre Dawson
145 - Carlton Fisk
ET-JC - Etched in Time Cut Signature of Joe Cronin (06/12)

This is my big hit: a cut autograph of Hall of Famer Joe Cronin. I won't be retiring on the sale of this card, what with similar cards selling in the $60 to $80 range. So, I think I will keep it.

142 - Nolan Ryan

So, that is it. The summary of the 2004 Fleer Greats of the Game Cut Signature Edition box I bought. So, how did I do overall vesus expectations? Pretty well actually. Let's got back to my original list and see:

  • Parallel Cards: Basic Card Parallels # to special year(1:60 packs): 0 - Sure enough, I did not get any.

  • Insert Cards: 29 Forever, # to rookie year (1:5 packs): 3 - I actually got four (2 Cardinals, 1 Cub, and 1 Dodger)

  • Game Used Memorabilia (1:15 packs): 1 - Technically I did get one, although it was just a redemption card. The card did not have an expiration date on it, but I guess it doesn't really matter since Fleer no longer exists.

  • Autographs (1:7.5 packs): 2 - Indeed, I did get two, Ray Knight and Joe Cronin

  • Base Cards (65 total): 69 - As it works out, I managed to complete the second series.

  • So, what next? Well, I do not have a complete first series, so I am seeing another box purchase in my future. Odds for autos are different on the first series, with an expectation of 3 per box, so I am excited to see what I will get. I will probably defer the purchase for a while. Because of the drought, I have started feeding hay very early this year and, by my calculations, my current stores of hay will only get me through January. I may have a line on some hay being hauled in from Mississippi next week, but it is probably going to leave a big ole hole in my wallet. My card hobby may need to be on hold for a while.

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    1. I love sets like this and it's fun to see a box break of them. Cut-sigs don't do it for me at all, but a valuable card is always key.