Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Back in the EBay Saddle, Part 2

A couple more of the EBay purchases for my Johnny Antonelli player collection showed up today. 

This is from a 1983 set by the Larry Fritsch Company commemorating the 1953 Milwaukee Braves. The Braves finished second in the NL that year, 13 games behind the Brooklyn Dodgers. So, I have to assume it is because 1953 was the first year the Braves played in Milwaukee, having been in Boston prior to that. This is a nice little card, although it is slightly larger than a standard card and does not fit into a standard 9 pocket sheet.


This is a 1955 Red Man tobacco card, with the redemption tab still intact. A few months back I got a couple of Red Man Antonelli's from Napkin Doon, although those were from 1954. The portrait is the exact same on the cards from both years, although the background is different. You can see the 1954 cards in this post for comparison.

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