Friday, April 27, 2012

Card Show Goals

I'm so excited about this weekend's card show, I can barely stand myself. I've got my want lists together and just need to get through the rest of the day. My priorities for the show are fairly simple. I don't need to hit all of these to consider it a successful show. If I can do a credible job on the first two, I'll be happy.

  1. 1971 Topps - I need 111 cards to complete the set, 101 of which are the semi-high and high numbers. I also have 78 cards I would like to upgrade into the EX+ range. My focus tomorrow will be on knocking off some of those semi-high and high numbers I need and upgrade some of the worst of the low numbers. I harbor no illusions that I will be able to complete the set. I won't have enough coin with me to do so, even if all the cards were available.

  2. 1976 Topps - I only need 91 cards to finish this set. My intent for tomorrow is to try and knock off a lot of the commons I need. My approach to building sets is to get as many commons as I can at a card shop here in Norman, then repeat at another card shop up in OKC, then hit the bimonthly show. I then repeat the cycle with the stars in the set and finish up getting whatever is left on the want list (usually 10 or less cards) at COMC. Since I am not yet at the end of the search for commons, I'll likely stay away from the stars tomorrow, and hit the LCS sometime in the next few weeks.

  3. 1956 Topps - This is the one set I am actively working where I am not overly concerned about condition, so I'll probably just pick up a few 1956 cards out of the discount boxes and call it good.

  4. Dime/Quarter/Dollar boxes - I'll probably go through some of these boxes looking for trade bait and other cards that might catch my fancy.

  5. 1960s Fleer - I have started on 1963 Fleer set but can be a bit expensive since it was the first Fleer set printed with contemporary stars. I may see if I can find some 1960 and/or 1961 Fleer cards, which are far less expensive since they were really "stars of the past" sets. Indeed, I would expect to find 60/61 Fleers in the dollar boxes. So this goal may well be a subsidiary goal of the one above it.
So, there it is. I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve. I hope I can sleep tonight.


  1. Sounds like me the night before I go to a show. Good luck!

  2. When I was a little kid, my mother was known to slip me a Mickey Finn on Christmas Eve so I would actually go to sleep. It was a less enlightened time back then.