Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Free Cards from Night Owl

A short time back, the Dean of Baseball Card Blogging, Night Owl, asked for help naming some card sets. My contribution was to suggest that the 1959 Topps set (seen below), should be called the Knothole set.

Obviously, the suggestion started with the circular photo inset on the card. I remember growing up that the Rochester Red Wings had a kid's club, called the Knothole Gang and that is what the card design reminded me of. Unrelated question: will Night Owl get out his red pen and mark my post up for ending that last sentence with a preposition? This Wikipedia article has some history of the Knothole Gang. Apparently, Night Owl (also an Upstate NY boy) liked my suggestion and so it came to pass. 1959 Topps is now, and forever more, The Knothole Set.

Now, the royalty checks would have been sufficient compensation for my stroke of brilliance. However, Mr. Owl was also nice enough to send along some cards. Not expected, but definitely appreciated.

My first 2012 Flagship card. Phil Hughes is bouncing off a horrendous 2011 and has looked sharp so far in Spring Training. It will be nice to have him back in form this year as the Yankees have really put together a stellar rotation.

My first 2012 Opening Day card. Robbie is a steady, quiet presence in the Yankees lineup. One of these days, he is going to get that MVP award.

My second 2012 Opening Day card, but I hate, hate, HATE this card because of what Topps did. Now I understand Photoshopping cards to put recently traded players into the uniform of their new team. I can also understand Photoshopping cards to remove advertising logos. But, this I don't get. Why, why, WHY did Topps have to Photoshop this card to make CC look fat? That is just unnecessarily cruel.

This is an odd little card. It has a landscape image associated with a portrait orientation. I love the card (what is not to love about Mo, other than having to bat against him), but it is a little jarring to look at.

The look on CC's face here seems to be saying "You ain't pulling that Shooping shit on me again. No more full body shots or I'll sit on you and squish you into jelly.

And finally, the stars of the cards he sent. Two 1977 Topps Yankees:

Now, I had previously completed the 1977 set last year but, by golly, these cards are actually upgrades over what I had before. The Oscar Gamble card was in better condition than the one I had and the Dock Ellis card was about the same quality, but had better centering. So, these two cards are now living happily in my 1977 binder.

Thanks, Night Owl!

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  1. You know, those TV cameras play nasty tricks on CC, too. He's really only 165 pounds!