Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Trade with Potch Wheeler

Yesterday was a good day. I completed a trade with the esteemed Hoosier, Potch Wheeler. I had a few 2011 Topps cards he needed and was able to help him out on his 1978 set with some of the duplicates I had from when I built my set early this year. In return I got several cards I needed.

Heritage short prints are like gold to me. I currently have three Heritage sets that I am working on. I am closest to completing 2011, but I am still needing a fair number of short prints. And I hadn't made any progress on it whatsoever in months. These cards revived my effort.

I am really close to completing the Topps Lineage 200 card base set. This card reduced my want list by 20%. I am pretty psyched about it, since the last few rack packs I bought yielded a bunch of duplicates. I had given up on getting any more base cards for this set, except through trades. So, a huge thanks out to Potch for helping me get closer on two different sets.

On a separate note, I am off this week and have spent my morning putting together a want list for the 1976 set. I just finished 1977 and expect 1971 to take a while since I mostly lack the expensive high number cards, I figured I needed something to keep me busy during the off=season. 1976 should be good in that the commons will be fairly cheap and the stars aren't all that outrageous. And since I am off today, I may wander over to the card shop and start on it.

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