Friday, November 4, 2011

Free Cards!

I've been slowly working on getting my collection organized and I am realizing that I bought a lot of cards this year that don't fit into my collection and are just taking up space in my storage closet. I started off putting a few lots of cards on EBay, but after a 295 card, no duplicate lot of Topps Series 1 sold for around $3, I decided that, after both EBay and Paypal take their pound of flesh, it wasn't worth the effort.

So, as we move closer to Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday, I've decided to do two things. First, for those of you who have been my trading partners this year, I am going to send you out some cards that fit into your collecting priorities and I think you may like. There is no obligation tied to these cards. They are just my way to say thank you for making my first year back into the hobby enjoyable and to make me feel like I am joining a community.

Second, I am going to group cards into logical lots that I will list as available. You can claim them, drop a couple, three dollars into my Paypal to cover shipping costs, and they are yours. So, what are the logical lots? Well, that depends. For the cards where was trying to build a set, like Topps flagship, I will likely group them into large, no-duplicate lots. For other cards, where I was just sampling stuff that was out there, I may group them together by teams.

As a sneak preview, I scored a huge lot of around 2000 cards on EBay for $20. It is mostly 2001 and 2002 Heritage, and 2001 Fleer Showcase. After I extract what I need for my Heritage collection, the rest of them will be available.

Stay tuned.


  1. I would be interested in any Tribe cards ! Would gladly pay a little S&H.

  2. yup - count me in for dodgers. although we havent traded i the past - hope we can change that as time goes byyyy......