Monday, November 7, 2011

Nachos Grande's Autograph Survey

  • What is the best autograph you own?

  • I got this at the Diamond Giveaway site:

  • What is the best autograph that you've ever pulled from a pack of cards?

  • That is probably a tie between these three:

    Notice a theme?

  • What is the worst autograph you've ever pulled from a pack of cards?

  • 2004 Upper Deck Yankee Classics Kevin Maas.

  • Do you try to get autographs through the mail? If so, what sort of success (or failure) stories do you have?

  • No, I do not.

    Addendum: I did send some cards off through the mail to be autographed at a live signing, but I don't do any TTM direct to players. I wrote about that signing here.

  • Who was the subject of your first ever autograph?

  • I can't remember who it was, only the situation. I got to go to a few Rochester Red Wing games growing up (in the old Silver Stadium) and we used to line up by the dugout to get our gloves signed. The glove, a Wilson Paul Blair model, is long since gone. And even if I had it, I am sure that the autographs would have worn off through use.

  • Do you actively collect any autographs (certain players, teams, brands, etc)?

  • Not at this time, although it might be fun to try to collect more autograph cards from the 2004 Fleer Greats of the Game set. Not sure how I would go about it other than buying them individually. Over the course, of a few boxes, I have managed to pull 2 Vida Blue autos. I'd hate to buy boxes and get more duplicates.

  • Which is better: Autographs or Relics?

  • Autographs. Unless you are talking some classic player, I think relics are overdone and, consequently, have little intrinsic or extrinsic value. For example, I pulled a Johnny Bench relic out of a Topps Lineage blaster this year that I threw up on EBay as part of my quest to accumulate funds to buy a Greats of the Game box. I managed to only get $10 out of it. Had I known it would go for so little I would have traded it to Nachos Grande (Sorry, guy.)

  • What do you think of cut autos?

  • Overall, I don't really care. I am more about card design than whether auto is on card, sticker or cut. For example, this is a lousy cut auto:

    This is a nice cut auto:

  • What is your favorite autograph design (say in the last 5 years)?

  • Having only been back in the hobby a year, I probably am not the right person to answer, but I do like the 1952 style autos that came out in Lineage this year:

  • If you could get the autograph of any five people (dead or alive) who would you want a signature from (and why)?

    1. Abraham Lincoln - I think he is the greatest President ever, and a fascinating individual. Read "Team of Rivals" some time to get a sense of the man.

    2. James Madison - One of the primary authors of "The Federalist"

    3. Alexander Hamilton - The other primary author of "The Federalist"

    4. Roberto Clemente - A great ballplayer and an even better human being

    5. Lou Gehrig - One of the greatest ever

    So, there you have my contribution.

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