Wednesday, November 9, 2011

BOBOC - Pack 2

For those who may not be quite sure what BOBOC is, let me tell you. BOBOC is a big ole box of crap. I bought one of those discount blasters of old packs at Target a couple weeks back and decided to blog about the contents. This isn't exactly an original idea, but it isn't like there are any original ideas out there in baseball card blogging waiting for me to discover them. So, here we go.

Today, we have the second pack of 1989 Topps.

Another good pack, this one. Two more Hall of Famers, and another oughta-be Hall of Famer. What I found interesting about this pack is that it included a local OKC minor celebrity and a player who is ostensibly still playing today.

43 - Guillermo Hernandez, Detroit Tigers

109 - Hipolito Pena, NY Yankees
124 - Jim Traber, Baltimore Orioles

Jim Traber is the local B-Lister. He is a sports talk radio host here in OKC. What is funny, though, is thathis doppelganger, Cardboard Jim Traber, is probably as big a celebrity locally. A local commentary/comedy website has a cardboard advertising standup of Traber that they take around to different local events.

144 - Jay Bell, Cleveland Indians

304 - Joel Youngblood, San Francisco Giants
391 - Andre Dawson All-Star, Chicago Cubs

440 - Bobby Bonilla, Pittsburgh Pirates

539 - Barry Jones, Chicago White Sox
555 - Bert Blyleven, Minnesota Twins

563 - Bill Schroeder, Milwaukee Brewers
593 - Drew Hall, Chicago Cubs
657 - Joe Magrane, St. Louis Cardinals
717 - Jamie Moyer, Chicago Cubs

It is hard to fathom that when Jamie Moyer made his professional debut in 1984, I was a freshman in college. Today I have over 23 years of service with the same company. I'm middle aged, and he is looking to come back and pitch again next year.

723 - Rafael Belliard, Pittsburgh Pirates
760 - Lee Smith, Boston Red Sox

Lee Smith really needs to be in the Hall.

So, that is pack 2 from the BOBOC.

Up next: 1991 Leaf Series 1

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