Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Starting 1976

So, I did end up at the card shop yesterday. I had a birthday check from my folks burning a hole in my pocket. I got a good start* on my 1976 set, picking up about 180ish commons towards the 704 card set (660 base and 44 traded), for around $40. Here are what I consider the highlights.

Riffing off recent comments about the generally offensive nature of the Indians mascot, Chief Wahoo, I cannot help but think the reference to wigwam is similarly an artifact of a less enlightened time.

I probably ought to just look it up, but I am too lazy today. Is there any such beast anymore as a light hitting, but excellent fielding starting shortstop?

What is it with the Cubs and the floating head team cards. I probably ought to look it up, but I am too lazy today. Are all their team cards of this design?

I always show Burt, since he is the pitching coach for the local minor league team, the OKC Redhawks.

I was surprised that Sparky's card was considered a common, since he was a leading fireman of his era and the 1977 Cy Young Winner.

I think he shares a hair stylist with Tim Lincecum.

This card is all kinds of awesome, but the best part is this:

They actually held a elimination tournament. During the off-season, I'd definitely watch such a show. Get on that MLB Network!

* To be perfectly accurate, I already had a start on 1976 with cards from the Diamond Giveaway site and a trade with Chris from The Vintage Sportscard Blog, including the iconic Oscar Gamble Traded card.

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  1. I mentioned not too long ago about light hitting, great glove shortstops as well. Freddie Patek was another one back in the 70's who fit that bill as well. We're spoiled in today's game by guys like Jeter and Tulowitzki.