Saturday, April 9, 2011

Topps Heritage Can Still Bite Me

So, you may recall my recent grumbling about not getting many of the Topps Heritage that I needed in recent purchases. Well, I had gotten past that emotionally and, while at my local Walmart I figured I'd try my luck again and buy another 8 pack (72 card) blaster. Did my luck improve? In short: not a chance. I managed to get 4 cards that I needed.

Let's do the math. With approximately 40% of the 500 card set to go, I would expect, on average, around 30 cards that I need in any blaster. Granted, I have no idea what the standard deviation would be, but I have to assume that pulling 2 and 4 cards I need out of the last two blasters, respectively is way out on the far left hand side of the curve. So, I keep adding more and more duplicates. Heck, I even managed to pull a duplicate on one of the short prints (495 - Rookie Parade Pitchers.)

If I am going to complete this set I may need to rely on trading. So, I have added my want and trade lists over on the right hand sidebard. Anybody need a David Price? I got 6. Charlie Manuel, Alfonso Soriano, or Garrett Jones? Got 5 each.

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