Friday, April 22, 2011

Mining a Rich Seam

As the handful of you who actually read my ramblings may recall (not that I expect my poor words to be that memorable), I had a couple trades in the works to help me wtih Topps Heritage, since I haven't had much love from my retail purchases. One is with Johnny over at Cards from the Quarry, and it was a doozy. I sent him a meager handful of cards he needed and another set of cards he can use as trade material. In exchange he sent me 34 (34!) cards off my 2011 Topps Heritage want list. It is times like these I am overwhelmed by the generosity of the collecting community and feel a little embarrassed to be a new collector, since I cannot even begin to do justice with what I send in exchange.

So, since it seems to be the practice, here are a few of the cards I got.

Yankee first baseman Mark Teixeira, who currently is in a three way tie on the AL leader board for both home runs and runs batted in, despite a pedestrian .259 batting average.

Yankee great Don Mattingly, who appears, in this lousy economy, to have fallen on hard times and in need of any work, no matter how demeaning.

Last year's breakout star, Blue Jay Jose Bautista. This card is one of the Heritage short prints, so I am particularly stoked about getting it.

There are few people in the culture who can go by one name. There is Willie and Snoop in the music world*. In the sports world, there is, of course, Lebron and Ichiro. And ya gotta include anyone who can go by one name.

And, naturally, The Bambino.

So, there was plenty of other cards in the package from Johnny, but I have to stop playing in the Intertubes.

* Speaking of Willie and Snoop, here they are joined by their love

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  1. It just looks wrong to see Donnie Baseball in any uniform other then Yankee pinstripes.