Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Do I Want to Trade?

Hell yeah!

Someone must need that Claudell Washington to complete a set. I was planning on holding onto Washington, because once I finish 1974, 1977 is next. However, this trade offer also included a 1972, which I plan to put together further down the road. I didn't need the two 1974's included in this offer, but I can use them in future trades.

Added bonus: I have two trades with readers in the works. Both are real blockbusters for me. Since I am (supposed to be) on the clock, I'll defer talking about them until the deals actually go down.


  1. What? I had this same Claudell Washington card in my Million Card Giveaway portfolio for months and all anyone offered for it was 2007 Topps. Maybe a 1978 once. These kind of offers come around very rarely.

  2. If there is any justice, someone offered me 10 cards for the 1977 Al Cowens, including an equivalently valued 1977 Will McEnaney. But, someone accepted the trade offer before I could.