Saturday, April 2, 2011

Another Day...

...another show and mail call.

The show was a small affair. Just a half dozen or so tables set up inside a card shop up in Edmond, a bedroom community to the north of Oklahoma City. I normally wouldn't have driven up for it, but one of the sellers at the big show last weekend said he would bring some of his 1974 Topps cards with him. He did not disappoint. I picked up another 34 cards from him, along with 6 more that I got at the Norman card shop on my way home. Within my haul was another of the Washington Nat'L Lea variations and the following 5 Hall of Famers.

With this, I think I am down to 49 cards to finish 1974 set(33 base set, 8 Team Checklists, and 8 Washington Nat'l Lea variations). Alas, I have some of the bigger money cards stil to go, like Hank Aaron, Nolan Ryan, and (potentially) a new Dave Winfield rookie card.

Also today, arriving in today's mail was the one Million Card Giveaway card I requested delivery for (out of two I actually had in my portfolio.)

Another good day.


  1. I love that Fisk card. It is his best card of all time and he has lots of great looking cards. (seriously if you haven't ever just looked the pictures in Fisk cards you should)

  2. It is a great action shot. Probably one of the better in the set, although I keep wanting to bring it up in Photshop and adjust the exposure/brightness. I think my favorites from '74 are Tom Seaver and Juan Marichal.