Friday, April 29, 2011

Mail Call - April 29 Edition

So, I've been pretty busy trying to finish my 1974 set. Having plumbed the depths of COMC, I shifted my focus to Sportlots, Sportsbuy and EBay. Over the last week, I have purchased enough 74s to be within 2 of completing the set, including all error cards and variations. I have received about half of the recent orders so far, but have been too wrapped up in other things to bore you with daily run-downs of the various arrivals. However today, in addition to a small lot I purchased on Sportlots, came a trade pack from Baseball Dad over at All Tribe Baseball. I feel it is important to pay notice to the generosity of the collectors I come into contact with. I wouldn't have probably made a post on just the 74s I have received. But, whenever someone sees fit to take the time to gather and ship me cards without money changing hands, well, that is worth taking the time to acknowledge. I had sent Dad some of the Topps Series 1 inserts he needed and I got some cards I needed including 4 Heritage and the very last card I needed to complete the 2011 Series 1:

In addition, he sent along some interesting Pirates cards:

1993 Topps BlackGold Andy Van Slyke. I've never seen a card from this set before. And, while I am not normally a fan of shiny, this card has a delightful design and I am going to try and research the set a bit more when I have some time.

I am not sure what to say about thus 2004 Donruss Studio Stars Jason Kendall. It is an odd card, but in a good way. I am not sure if I should hand it to the cashier the next time I try to cash a check at Target or if I should take it on my next business trip to see if it opens the door to my hotel room. In all seriousness, though, I do like this card. I just can't seem to articulate why. I've been thinking about why for a good 15 minutes and just cannot put words to it.

So, big thanks to Baseball Dad. I definitely feel like I came out on the better side of this trade.

Oh, and for you vintage fans, here is one of the numerous 74s that I have received in the last week. The Felipe Alou no position error card. I've had the regular card for several months now, but have been ignoring the errors and variations until recently.

Oh, if you are wondering what the remaining two cards are that I need to complete 1974, they are 599A, the San Diego version of the rookie pitcher card and 608A, another rookie pitcher card with Bob Apodaca's name misspelled as Apodaco.


  1. You're a lot more tenacious than I on the '74 set. I completed it, but I ignored the variations and errors.

    However, I do have the Apodaco variation, and can send it to you if you like.

  2. I hadn't planned on it, but when I had the opportunity to get some of the Washington variations I decided to go after the error cards, as well. If any had been outrageously expensive, I would have skipped it. As it stands, the most I have paid is around $15 for the McCovey Washington card.

  3. I don't know why, but for some reason I thought you liked the Pirates! Too many bloggers out there for an old man like me to keep straight! Glad you liked them !!