Saturday, April 16, 2011

Hunting and Gathering at the Card Shop

Two more for my 1974 collection. I've already been through all the shops commons and minor star cards so, in this visit, I went after the last two big ticket cards I needed.

The Ryan isn't as high a quality as the rest of my 1974 set, but with a $40 book, I am a little leary of going after anything up in the NM/MT range. The owner of the shop did have a graded Ryan, but at $60, I passed. I paid $15 for this one and it seems to be of the same general quality as those selling in the same range on COMC.

This is my favorite card of the set. I actually had this card as a kid. I paid $30 for this, against a book value of $50. Centering, a slight rotation issue, and a tiny spot on the lower right corner (which is only visible with close inspection) are the only weaknesses here. It has 4 sharp corners and a nice smooth, glossy surface. With five cards in transit from an EBay purchase, I am down to 46 43 cards to complete the set, including 8 more unnumbered team checklists and (by my count) 10 7 more of the Washington Nat'l Lea variants. Beginning of May, I'll probably visit COMC and try and fill out some more of the dwindling space in the binder.

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