Sunday, April 24, 2011

No Willie for You!

So, I've been eagerly awaiting my first trade offer for this little gem I got in the Diamond Giveaway:

Today it came through:

A 1952 Less Moss (B.V. $40), 1956 Joe Frazier (B.V. $12), 1959 Bob Miller (B.V. $4),and a 1960 Bob Nieman (B.V. $4). Not that I intend to trade that Mays card. Indeed, I intend to request delivery as soon as I can. But, with a book value on that card of $200, folks are going to have to alot better to make me even think about it.

PS. Can you tell that I am still tickled that the Diamond Transmogrifier saw fit to give me that card?

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