Thursday, September 6, 2012

Trade with Night Owl

Yesterday, I had a post about a trade with Chris at Nachos Grande, who seems to be one of my more frequent trading partner. Today's post is about another blogger I trade with frequently, Night Owl.  Okay, so I suppose that he wouldn't consider it frequent, but since I only complete 1 or 2 trades a month, the fact that I have had multiple trades with him makes him a frequent trader for me.

As you will recall from yesterday's post, I had a box of 2006 Greats of the Game that didn't excite me. I sent a number of inserts to Nachos Grande.  But, Greg had requested the Nickname Greats Jay Johnstone card that included a picture of someone who was not Jay Johnstone. Read Night Owl's take here.  This occurred at the same time as I went to the August card show in OKC, where I found a 1958 Don Newcombe in a dollar box. As it happens, Greg needed the Newcombe. So, off Don and not-Jay went.

His return package arrived yesterday and what a package it was.  It was way too much to exchange for an error card from a mostly forgotten set and a dollar box find.  So, what did he send?

He sent 11 cards from my 2012 Heritage want list, including 4 short prints (!!!) and one of the stickers.


I'm not a huge fan of 1987 Topps. Nor am I real enthralled with 1962 Topps, which '87 riffs off of. But, this Ruth mini is a nice looking card.  I particularly like the old timey NY emblem.

I'm not much of a A&G fan either.  I am not sure why.  It is a quirky little set that fills much the same niche as Tristar Obak, which I love (as you will see soon). I think it is because of Topps tendency to think that if a little of a something is good then a lot of that thing is super.  Like short prints. And inserts. And parallels.I think  I really could get into A&G if Topps scaled it back some.  Okay, if they scaled it back a lot.  This Curtis Granderson mini is a sharp looking card.

As an aside, I like Curtis Granderson as a man, but I am starting to sour some on him as a ballplayer. His power numbers continue to be good, but his batting average is down and his strikeouts are up.  Coupled with suspect defense, he seems to be turning into a latter day Dave Kingman.  I suspect that the Yankees will pick up his option for 2013, but I would rather see the Yankees let him walk (or pick up the option and then trade him) and focus on getting some young talent.  Brett Gardner would be a much better center fielder.  Gold Glove quality.

Anyhoo, what else did NO send?

Card number.......wait for it..........7.  The ubiquitous number 7 in every recent Topps set (or so it seems).  He also sent a full size A&G Bambino, which I didn't scan.  Another card I forgot to scan was a 2012 Archive 1971 style Alex Rodriguez. Nice looking card of the highest (over)paid player in baseball.

He also sent some 2012 Bowman Yankees including this gold Robbie Cano.

The final card? A night card of course!

Overall, a seriously sweet haul.  All for a 6 year old insert and dollar box find.  If I make it to the October OKC show, you can bet I'll be scanning the vintage discount boxes for more Dodgers for Greg because I am in his debt.

Coming up next: something I have been waiting three months for.


  1. No, sir, I won that trade in a landslide.

    I didn't even show the '69 Wills deckle edge card you sent.

  2. I probably ought to keep records of trades, because I totally forgot about that.

  3. Hi there. I only have one of those, the Bronx Bombs from 2012 Heritage. You got pretty lucky on the trade.