Monday, January 23, 2012

Trade with PATP

I recently completed my first trade with Brian over at Play at the Plate. I sent him a couple vintage Senators and a handful of other cards from his Rangers want list and I got some nice cards in return. The centerpiece of the trade, for me anyways was this:

Alas, within days of closing our deal, the Yankees traded Hector, along with Jesus Montero, to the Mariners for Michael Pineda and a pitching prospect. I still like this kid, though, so I am going to hang on to this card and give it an honored place in my vintage/relic/auto binder.

But, wait! That's not all!

A 2011 Heritage short print. This is way cool, since I am only needing short prints (and some inserts) to complete this set. Any day I can knock one off is a good day, ahtellyawha!

I would have been happy with just that, but Brian sent along a couple of packs of Allen and Ginter. A&G is a quirky set. I am on the fence whether I like it or not. I like that it is different than anything else, and well designed, but the inclusion of non-baseball subjects is off putting. Although, as an aside, I like the Ascent of Man inserts. But there were some great cards in those packs.

A couple Yankees and a great looking landscape Brandon Phillips.

Clunk! Diana Taurasi! *shakes fist*

My big memory of Diana Taurasi was her leading the Connecticut Huskies to a decisive victory in the 2002 NCAAs over the Oklahoma Sooners. Man, that bummed me out. Still does, even 10 years later. *grumble*

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