Saturday, January 14, 2012


So, I worked a trade this week for a Topps Chrome Hector Noesi autographed card. Noesi was generally solid, if unspectacular, during his rookie campaign with the Yankees this year. Now, I am not a prospector and I am (at the moment) forswearing any modern products to focus on vintage. But see, I liked the kid and reports were that the Yankees did too. So, why not trade off some stuff that didn't fit in my collection for his auto card?

Alack and alas, before the card even arrives, the Yankees up and trade him away. News hit the wire that New York traded Hector and Jesus Montero (the centerpiece of the deal) to Seattle for Michael Pineda and 18 year old pitching prospect Jose Campos.

Ah, well. Any Mariners fans out there?

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  1. I still think we got the short end of the deal. I really hope Montero pans out because I don't have high hopes for him. I don't know much about Noesi, but I don't know if he can match the big horse's stuff and potential. Trading away an all-star and a kid for a guy that can't catch and some pitcher= not good for the M's.