Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Hard Choice

I've been mulling over what I wanted to do with my winnings from the contest over at I had mentioned wanting to put it towards my 2001 Heritage set. But, as I started pricing out the cards I needed at various sale sites, I came to the realization that the short prints are selling very close to, or even at, book value. Thus, I would only end up getting less than 10 cards after shipping. Since I am on hiatus, I was really looking forward to a nice, fun score and 8 or 9 cards just wasn't it.

So, I changed tactics and decided to see if I could find a box to buy. I ended up spending way too much time at Dave and Adam's website looking for candidates. I ended up with a preliminary list of close to 50 different products. I then started weeding them out according to the following criteria.

  1. The box price must be less than $75 (Yes, I know. No, I am not innumerate.)

  2. It must not include the words "Prospect!!" or "Rookies!!" in the title or description.

  3. I must like the design of the base cards.

  4. There is some possibility of a hit. (I could use a little adrenaline what with all the heaviness right now.)

When all the culling was done, this is what was left standing:

2010 Tristar Obak.

I wanted to order it from Dave and Adam's, since I consumed so much of their bandwidth. But, they chose to reject my best offer (which was only 10% lower than their asking price) on EBay. So, I ended up getting it from Blowout Cards for a price that was even lower than what I had offered. Oh well, Dave and Adam. Your loss. Next time don't be so stingy.


  1. Yeah, me too. I was surprised that this product was only $45 to $50 a box given the guaranteed 11 hits. A hot box with 35 hits is just hard to imagine.