Tuesday, January 3, 2012

BOBOC - Pack 8

I tried calling my doctor to schedule a colonoscopy in order to have something to do that was more fun than this post, but he didn't think the procedure was medically necessary. I was like "Dude! Have you ever seen 1988 Donruss?" He wasn't convinced, so I guess I am going to have to write this.

I present to you yet another pack of:

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Can you feel the excitement? Me neither.

111 - Bob Forsch - St. Louis

112 - Mike Scott - Houston

113 - Kevin Gross - Philadelphia
447 - Jerry Mumphrey - Chicago Cubs

626 - Pat Perry - Cincinnati
628 - Matt Williams - San Francisco

629 - Dave Hengel - Seattle
630 - Jeff Musselman - Toronto
631 - Tim Laudner - Minnesota
632 - Bob Ojeda - NY Mets

633 - Rafael Santana - NY Mets
BC-8 - Andy Van Slyke - Pittsburg
BC-10 - Andre Dawson - Chicago Cubs

BC-11 - Alan Trammell - Detroit

Diamond King #20 - Mark Langston - Seattle

So, I got one Hall of Famer in this pack. Woo-freaking-hoo.

Up Next: 1990 Panini Stickers.


  1. How about landing seven consecutively-numbered cards? I had forgotten about the terrible collation Donruss had in those days.

  2. I was wondering about that.

    On a related note, I noticed that the collation on 2011 Topps flagship was strange. I would see the same cards grouped together across mulitple packs bought at separate times. I also noticed that after I got through the midpoint of putting a series together that packs would either have zero or 3+ cards that I needed. I presume that is a hallmark of poor collation, though not nearly as obvious as getting sequentially numbered cards.

  3. I believe its the way Topps prints their sheets. I noticed the same thing when I wouldn't be getting anything I needed either but I kept pulling my third and fourth copies of the same few cards.