Sunday, January 22, 2012

Trade with Crinkly Wrappers

With all the discussion yesterday regarding trading and getting stung in a trade when your half never arrives, I had time to ponder my trading history, such as it is. I've only been trading for about a year now and probably have completed less than 2 dozen trades. Small time in comparison to many of you. I have never felt cheated in any trade, though it is obvious some traders approach the subject differently than others. Since I have always been happy with what I have recieved in trades, it is all good as far as I am concerned.

However, there has been one person, Ted over at Crinkly Wrappers, that has always been really generous with his end of the trade. I would tend to think he is just trying to help out a novice trader like myself. However, I have seen too many testimonials to Ted's kindness to do anything but conclude it is just part of his nature. I almost hate having to trade with him because I know he'll send far more than is equitable given what I am sending to him.

Case in point: I am working diligently on the Topps sets from the 1970s. I have three complete and 2 others in various stages of completion. One I had not started yet (except for a handful of Diamond Giveaway winnings) was 1973. Ted had started on it and offered up his dupes for trade. I cobbled together an offer that included a fair number of base cards, a few rarities, and a couple three nice cards. In return he sent a pile of 73s. My 1973 collection instantly graduated from a couple of sheets in my general vintage binder to a binder of all it's own.

Here is some of what he sent me. As you can see, even while sending quantity, he certainly did not skimp on quality.

Thanks, Ted.

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  1. I know whet you mean about Ted. I'm trying to fill a return package for him now. He is very generous ! A package for you will be in the mail tomorrow as well. Thanks for the Tribe cards !