Friday, August 2, 2013

Another Trade with Night Owl

It seems I trade with Night Owl a lot.  Night Owl is the Dean of Card Bloggers and I suspect most of you can say the same thing. We worked out a fairly simple trade where I sent him some vintage duplicates that I had and I got back a nice stack of 1975 duplicates from him.  1975 is the next set I am going to build after I finish 1973, hopefully, later this year. So, getting a leg up on the effort is always good. Here are a select few that I got.

The late Bobby Murcer is an Oklahoma City native son and is recognized with his name and number emblazoned on the centerfield wall at the Bricktown Ballpark, where Houston's AAA affiliate, the Oklahoma Redhawks, play.

Don Baylor was also a Yankee for a few years and is one of the autographs I got when I busted that box of Upper Deck Yankee Classics a couple years back.

The Captain.  This is a neat card.   It is actually much thicker than a normal card.  I will have to research the 2006 Topps Bazooka set at some point to see if they are all like that.

2013 Topps Archive Robbie Cano.  Robbie is the best position player on the Yankees now and is a free agent after the season. At this point, I am mostly worried about the Yankees giving him too long of a contract to keep him.  The team's tendency to give 8 plus year contracts to players at their peak, ensuring they get to suffer through much of the age related decline (think A-Rod and Mark Teixeira) really annoys me.  I'd be willing to give Cano a 5 year deal with a mutual option for another year, but that would be it.  But, after the Yankee's (so far) pathetic 2013, I wouldn't be surprise to see him handed something longer than that.

Anyways, thanks, NO!  Your cards did finally get put in the mail yesterday.  Hopefully they'll be to you on Monday.


  1. Nice cards! I especially like the Roy White.

    Gold-bordered Bazookas were inserts with thick cardboard which might've been an attempt to fool pack feelers. The white-bordered base cards were normal cardboard.

  2. I've got to remember that if I send Yankees to a Yankees fan, he's going to talk about the Yankees.

    Suppose it could be worse. Could be talking about gas prices or something.

  3. It could be a lot worse. The Yankees could have actually been good this year.