Saturday, August 10, 2013

Visit to Another LCS

There was, at one time, 5 LCS here in the greater Oklahoma City area.  I am not sure how many there are now, as I only go to the three that have vintage inventory.  I have now visited all three in my quest to finish the 1973 set.

Al's in Edmond didn't have any 1973s, so my next visit was to The Old Ball Park, in South OKC.  I managed to pickup about 45 cards.

So, where do I stand on 1973?  Well, I am down to needing 7 of the non-high number series, two of which are among the more valuable in the set:  #1 All Time Home Run leaders and #305 Willie Mays.  I also need 65 of the high numbers, two of which are more valuable: #588 checklist(!) and #615 the dreaded Tom Hinton rookie car.  I know where a decent copy of card 615 is.  At this point, it is a matter of timing as to when I want to go get it. Lastly, I need 18 more of the unnumbered team checklists.

There is a two day show coming up near the end of August that I will go to.  Hopefully, Roger Neufeldt of Sports Memories will be there as he is my last local. in person source before I start scouring the on-line dealers.


  1. Three local card shops? You're a very lucky man. Best of luck on finding more cards for your 73T set.

  2. Nice finds! Love the massive sideburns on the Torre.