Sunday, August 25, 2013

August Card Show Haul

I wouldn't say the card show was a total bust, but I definitely don't have much to show. Indeed, I actually spent more time pawing through discount box for other folks than I did on myself. Roger Neufeldt wasn't there, and I wasn't able to find any 1973 Topps or 1960/61 Fleers that I needed with any of the other sellers.

For myself, I found a card game called Authors, the rules of which seem to be the same as Go Fish. 

It doesn't really fit in my collection, but it struck my fancy so I got it. Doing a little research on the game, it appears that there are several versions of the game, each with different authors as subjects. It would be interesting to work on building a binder with all the different versions of the game. I didn't really find a lot about when the set I have was produced, but I didn't look super hard either.

My one sports card pick up for myself was a lot of 12 cards from the 1961 Golden Press issue, a 33 card mini set.

Here is what the back looks like:

The set consists, as mentioned above,  of 33 cards, all Hall of Famers. My cursory research indicates that these cards came in a booklet, which explains the perforations you can see on the edge of some of these cards.  I have to admit to having a weakness for these types of small vintage sets.   As a set builder, it takes me a while to complete a Topps set, what with them having anywhere from 660 to 792 cards. I am generally finishing one set a year. These small issues allow me to get the satisfaction of completing a set more frequently.

So, that is it.  I walked out with most of my cash still in my pocket.  I'll just have to tuck it away in a drawer until the October two day show, just in case Roger Neufeldt is there.


  1. That 1961 Golden Press set looks pretty cool. Best of luck with it.

  2. I agree with Fuji- love the Golden Press set! I have to come to one of these shows in Oklahoma. You always find some great stuff.