Saturday, August 24, 2013

Card Show Today!

There are generally two card shows a month here in the greater OKC area.  On the first Saturday of the month, there is a small show up at Al's Sportscards in Edmond.  This show is okay.  There are only 5 to 6 vendors, but usually 3 will have some vintage stock.  Then, later in the month, a larger show is held in Oklahoma City proper out, in a hotel conference room out by the airport.  This show is a one day show every other month and a two day show in the alternating months.   The one day shows aren't all that great in comparison to the two dayers.  They have most of the same sellers,  but one seller in particular only will come to the two day shows, and not even all of them.

That seller is Roger Neufeldt of Sports Memories of Oklahoma.  If the name is familiar to you, it is probably because Dayf over at Cardboard Junkie gets all Tommy Boy when Roger has a show in Atlanta.  Roger mainly does shows in MLB cities, but does set up at 2 or 3 local shows a year.  And he is my main connection for good quality vintage cards. He is a bit more expensive, so I don't hit him up until I have hit all three main local card shops.  But, as a national seller, he reliably will have cards I need.   I would bet I got a plurality of my 1971 high numbers from him.  And, presumably, will also get a fair chunk of my 1973 high numbers from him, as well.

And that is my goal for today.  Walk in, see if Roger is there and, if so, make a bee line for his table and ask for his 1973s. If he isn't there today, I may look for some more 1960 and 1961 Fleers, but other than that I'll probably pocket my money and use it to get a 1973 Mike Schmidt rookie card that is behind the counter at one of my local LCS.

Now if you will excuse me, I'm getting all Tommy Boy here and I need to get my morning chores done and get my want lists together.

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  1. Maybe that's my problem, there are no hotels near our airport.