Saturday, December 8, 2012

The 1963 Fleer Auto Quest - No. 9

The ninth entry in my 1963 Fleer autograph project arrived today.

This Tommy Davis card came out after the best year of his career, which saw him tally up 230 hits, 27 home runs, and 153 RBIs to match a .346/.374/.535 slash line.  Unfortunately, that was only good enough for 3rd place in the NL MVP race behind teammate Maury Wills and Willie Mays.

With that, I still have three other cards from this set out for signing. I saw a bank card transaction this week from MAB Celebrity Services, which should indicate that I got in under the wire for that signing in NJ last weekend.  I had two cards in for that, Bill Mazeroski and Bob Gibson (since I already let that cat out of the bag.)  Hopefully they will arrive this week. The third, which will remain nameless for the time being, is going to be signed on December 17 and will, hopefully, be back before Christmas.


  1. Good luck getting more of these signed. The Davis looks great.

  2. Oooh, very nice. Even without the auto.