Thursday, December 27, 2012

The 1963 Fleer Auto Project - Part 15 and 16

Instead of cardboard, I got Carhartt for Christmas.  Which is what I wanted.  However, I didn't get skunked over the holiday, although it took my own machinations to bring me some new cards.

These two cards arrived Christmas Eve day and represent the last of my recent activity on my project to get my 1963 Fleer cards autographed. I sent the Brooks Robinson off to a private signing in the Baltimore area last month.  It was shipped back to me on the 18th and should have been here two days later.  As I have implied elsewhere, it took a slow route to me, with it popping up in the OKC area almost a week later.

The Warren Spahn card was what I splurged on with the Christmas money from my parents.  There were several autographed 63 Fleers of Spahn on EBay. One was signed with blue sharpie, which would have been my preference over ballpoint pen.  But, the signature was smudged, the card was not in nearly as good of condition, and was priced over $40 higher than this one.  So, the choice was clear.  Spahnie, unlike Brooksie, must have been in a hurry to get here. I pulled the trigger on it on Saturday and it got here in the same Monday mail delivery, even though it was coming from the Seattle area.  It is also the first auto card of I have of any of the 20 deceased players featured in the set.

This may be it for a few months on this project. I have one TTM request I will be sending out next week, and there are two other players featured in this set that will be part of the February Chris Potter signing. But, that is all that is on my radar at the moment. 

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