Monday, December 31, 2012

Favorite Cards of 2012 #2 - More Local Boys

Following on from the previous entry,  number 2 on my 2012 favorite cards count down are these two 1940 Play Ball cards of the Waner brothers, Paul and Lloyd.  They are also native Oklahomans, hailing from nearby Harrah.

I think what I like most about these cards, the oldest in my collection, is the they provide me the opportunity to consider the expanse of time that they have travelled to come to me. When they were first distributed my father was but a boy, still a year shy of starting elementary school.  They have traversed 72 years in great condition.  72 years that saw a world war, significant social changes (most for the better), and the entire electronic revolution.  When these cards were printed, ENIAC, the first all-purpose computer was still six years in the future.

Who first pulled this card? Is that person still alive? How many hands did it pass through before it came to me? Who owned it during a snowy day in late 1965 when I was born.  The answer to all these questions, and more, will never be known.  But it is fun to just contemplate such matters and gain some perspective as to what a rare and special thing it is that they have come to me.

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