Sunday, December 16, 2012

December Card Show - Miscellaneous Pickups

With my goals satisfied quickly, I decided to see what else was out there that might catch my fancy.

A couple weeks ago, with the completion of the 1969 Deckle Edge insert set within sight, I picked up a few of the 1968 game card inserts.  Yesterday, with the Deckle set complete, I picked up around a dozen more of the '68 game cards for around 50 cents each.

This puts me at about half done with this small set.  Of course, I have all the big names to go (Aaron, Mays, Clemente, Mantle.)  So, I'll probably make finishing one of my 2013 goals.  I also spent some time pawing through a few discount boxes.

And managed to actually find one Obak card from my want list in a dollar box.  This is the T212 mini of Ryne Sandberg (as an Oklahoma City 89er!) from the 2009 set.

Can you believe this?  A 1962 card of a Hall of Famer for a dollar? It isn't in super shape, but it is in far better shape than I would expect for a dollar box find.

Finally, the first new addition to one of my two player collections in quite a while.  A 1947-1966 Exhibit card of Johnny Antonelli that set me back about $5.  There are actually two Antonelli Exhibit cards. This one, where he is with the Braves and another with him as a member of the Giants.

So,  I had managed to hit my three show goals and managed to make a little progress on a couple of other sets that weren't on my radar for the day.  Best of all, I still had some green left in my pocket.

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