Saturday, December 22, 2012

The 1963 Fleer Auto Project - Part 14

Even since I have caught a little of the autographed card bug, I have been reticent to send out through the mail (TTM) requests.  I suppose I just don't wish to invade the privacy of the players, particularly those that are retired.  I get that some don't consider it an imposition, and are happy to sign and return cards.  But, I have no way to know which are receptive and which aren't.  So, I find that formal, arranged signings are more to my favor, as I know the players are making that choice to participate.

That said, as I started on my quest to get cards in my 1963 Fleer set signed, I was surprised to find that one player, Don Demeter, lives here in Oklahoma City and has a history of signing and returning cards.  I dragged my feet a bit, but finally knuckled down and sent off a request.  I wrote a short letter in which I noted my fascination that his first major league appearance was in a September 18, 1956 game for the Brooklyn Dodgers against the visiting St. Louis Cardinals.  The participants in that game included Stan Musial, Pee Wee Reese, Jackie Robinson, Gil Hodges, Roy Campanella, and Duke Snider.  The letter went out in the mail this past Tuesday, December 19.  And on Saturday (12/22), it is already back.

 I think it is pretty cool that he signed the card in some of the "dead space" on the side rather than covering up his face or any of the graphics.  But, that wasn't all. Included in the envelope was the
card below.
After a successful business career here in OKC, Don is now the pastor of Grace Community Baptist Church.  The note reads "Jeff: Thanks for your gift to our church. Come see us some time, we have members who live in Norman." I am honored that he took the time to write a personal note.

On a related note, I am *still* waiting on another autographed '63 that is still in transit to me.  It left Baltimore on the 19th and was supposed to be delivered on the 20th.  But, it has yet to arrive in OKC.  I refuse to call it lost as I know there is huge volumes of mail during the Christmas season.  So, I am just going to be patient.

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