Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Why Free Cards?

While I think it is safe to say that baseball card bloggers are an extremely generous group, sometimes I wonder if all y'all are a little lacking in the smarts department (1).

Everyone that has claimed some of the cards I am unloading has asked what I want in return. While I will certainly take any duplicates you have that are on my want lists over there

But, my offer comes without any strings attached. Here is why:

I live in a relatively small farm house that was built in the 1950s and has a dearth of storage space. This is my storage closet. It be full.

The top shelf is my supply shelf: mailers, tape, toploaders, Ultra Pro sheets, you know the stuff. The second shelf holds vintage and Heritage sets I am working on or have completed. Third shelf is the 2011 sets, boxes of duplicates(2), and some empty binders. Fourth shelf, which you can't see, includes important work documents (I work from home). In front of the shelving unit is my wine cellar stored in the finest corrugated box money can buy. On top of that box are cards that I am preparing to ship out. Just out of frame to the top is a built in shelf containing boxes of personal and financial records, including a moving retrospective of my life as an adult, told in the medium of 1040 forms.

So, I really need to free up some space. I had the brilliant (BRILLIANT!!!) idea to try to sell off duplicates on EBay. A near complete set of Topps Series 1 (approx 300 cards out of the 330 card series - no duplicates) grossed me a whole five dollars. After EBay and Paypal took there cut of the action, I was left with.......not enough to make it worth the effort. Since I am constitutionally unable to throw out either books or baseball cards, I really need to find a home for the cards I don't need/want.

So, yeah, if you can help knock some cards off my want list, that would be super. But, I really need the space, so free means free. I would prefer to get them into the hands of someone who can appreciate them, rather than throw them out or throw them up in the barn loft amongst all the other crap I don't have space to store in the house. On that note, let me say that I'll hopefully have some more ready to offer up this coming weekend.


(1) Just kidding. I am sure you are all quite smart. Handsome too.
(2) Note to self: if you have an impulse control problem when standing in the card aisle, it is probably a really bad idea to mix card purchases onto the grocery bill.

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